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Hai Everyone. You will obtain information of former KMCites from this and many of the following home pages. When I thought that I had gone to the earliest year a former KMC student would have completed training and passed out - I was wrong. I had to create a new page! Recently I got an e-mail from a former KMC student who is now in the United Kingdom informing me that he passed out of the ?first batch in 1960!!!. I was thrilled to receive that and I have included his name below - who will be the first of all the thousands of names[eventually] of former KMCites.

If you know someone who would like to include their name and address, please email that information and I would gladly place them on these pages. Also any comment on improveing or adding photographs are also welcome.

Names and E-Mail addresses and additional information about former KMCites from 1960-70 batches are given below

K.SRINIVASA RAO              
   Clatterbridge Hospital
   Bebbington, Wirral, UK

Babu V.Koka                   

Ashok Kumar

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