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Welcome to the Home page of Former KMC students - page 3 (1981-85)

For the CLASS of 1985, please follow the links given below.

KRISHNAN (1981)                  e-mail:
  ETSU,  speciality-Hem/Onc
  Research interest-Cancer chemoprevention

  Faculty, Dept of Nephrology,
  University of Cincinatti,
  Area of interest- renal transplantation

SENTHILNATHAN (1981)             e-mail:
  Internist, Jackson, Ohio 45640

SRIDHAR G (1981)                 e-mail :
  Director,Sleep Lab.,
  Plains Health Center
  Regina, Canada

Hari Mohan (1983)                e-mail:
  Registrar, Medical oncology,
  Lakeshore hospital,Kochi,Kerala

ANTHONY FERNANDEZ (1984)         e-mail:
     Chief of Psychiatry
     McGuire Veterans 
     Affairs Medical Center
     Richmond, VA 23234 

SATISH KUMAR (1984)              e-mail:
  Townsville General Hospital,
  Townsville, Queensland, Australia
  Interests: Neuropsychiatry and Genetics

T.M.VASUDEVAN (1984)              e-mail :
  Vascular Surgeon
  Waikato Hospital, Hamilton
  New Zealand
  Specialising  in Endovascular treatment of aneurysms,
   peripheral endovascular treatment, 

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