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Ashok Kumar
If you need to send information or photographs
about you or other KMC students,
please email me through the above link

Welcome to the Home Pages of KMC - Page 4

Here, you will find information about KMCites who passed out from 1986 through 1995

P.Raffeeq - 1986            
 Fellowship-Ped.Critical Care,
             Toronto, Canada

PREMILA - 1986            
Shilpa society for mentally handicapped 
web site: www: http// shilpa society .org 

VIJAY ANAND - 1987         
MS [Gen.Sur], MCh Ped.Surgery
Medical Superintendent,
Makunda Christian Hospital, Assam.

Prabhakar Devaram  - 1990   
  Sen.Resident, Dept.of Anesthesiology
  Yale Univ.School of Medicine

Vineet S Raman

ELANGOVAN - 1993           
Int.Medicine, ElPaso, Texas

J.Saravanan - 1995          

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