This page has been created to obtain info about KMCites around the world and to provide information about KMC to others visiting this site.

'Kilpauk Medical College' is one of the medical schools in Madras [CHENNAI], INDIA. Many students who passed out of KMC have gone abroad for higher education and settled there, while some have returned back to their grass roots.

The links provided below would give email addresses of former KMCites to others visiting this site.

If you would like to place any links in these pages, please send me an email. You are welcome to send any suggestions, comments, information or photographs for these pages to my email address "kumarashok@pol.net". This website was created in 1995 to get the KMCites together in one place and to interact with each other.If you have any suggestions, please send do not hesitate to send me an email. I belong to the 1978-85 batch.

Ashok's links

kilpauk Medical College -1960-70
Information about former KMC students from the batches 1960-70
Kilpauk Medical College - 1971-80
Info about KMCites from 1971-80
Kilpauk Medical College-1981-85
More info about Former KMCites (1981-85)
Kilpauk Medical College ( 1986-95)
Information about KMCites 1986 to 1995
Kilpauk Medical College 1996-2000
Info about KMCites who passed out from 1996-2000
Kilpauk Medical College- class of 1985
Information about the CLASS OF 1985
Kilpauk Medical College- (1985)-Page 2
More photos from the class of 1985
Home Page of Ashok Kumar
My Personal Web Page with pictures
American Tamil Medical Association(ATMA)
A non-profit, charitable Association of Health Care Professionals of Tamil heritage formed to enrich their cultural, social, and educational values
Images of Chennai [Madras] - Part 1
Here are a few photographs of the city of CHENNAI, India
Images of CHENNAI [Madras] - Part 2
More pictures of Chennai

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